Saturday, March 20, 2010

Captain's Log: Day 10

I did pretty well on the goals for today and, while not perfect, was a pretty good day overall. I added all those pages of content and some of it has actually been indexed (quick site indexing means I'm getting solid crawling which is good)so I am happy with that.

I also managed to go and try and build 50 backlinks (whether or not they all go through is another question entirely) which was pretty solid. I also have a ton of dofollow forum accounts that I haven't done anything with so I may go and fire those up for backlinking purposes. I was going to use them on a different project but I had lost interest so they have been sitting around for a while (300 accounts iirc) so it is time to put them to good use.

I think adding 20 pages of content is pretty good as it gives the site a good growth schedule and I can cut it down as I go and have less and less stuff that I can just throw up easily. I definitely want to start focusing more on the nice selection of keywords that I want to start ranking for. I did get nice anchor text so that should help.

Anyway, I think it was pretty good but it gives me with a good setup to go at tomorrow.

1. 20 more pages of content

2. 3 2.0's from yesterday

3. 30 backlinks

4. Redo video #1

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