Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 1

In order for this to be successful, it needs to get off on sound footing. For this reason, building up some startup capital is vital. There are many things that can be bought to make the money making process easier and having some money to start with is a great way to expedite the process. As such, I decided to run the most tried and true way to make quick money on the internet. Writing. I spent today doing a bit of writing and have them listed for sale for about $56.

Not a lot of cash but for 2 hours of work, it's not too shabby and it gives a decent base to start building. Additionally, I did some work on a marketing property. It targets people that are not involved in internet marketing and provides a free resource for them to learn the ropes. Obviously, it's free for them but there are many ways to make money off of giving away things for free. =) I would say the website is about 60% finished and once it is 100% finished, I can begin promotion of the site.

Plans for tomorrow include finishing the free marketing property, starting some marketing, and getting that up and rolling. I will do some keyword research and get some free marketing out there because nothing is better when you're starting with no money than free PR.

Time spent today: 3 hours
Time spent total: 3 hours
Money made today: $0
Money made total: $0