Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 6

Pretty good day today. Got some money for content so I am now up to $140 in terms of startup capital which means if I want I can get more domains/whatever else. I could also do some PPC but that doesn't really fit in with this project (next project it probably will) so that is something else to think about.

Speaking of the secondary project, I've done most of the keyword research for my secondary project and it's as epic as I thought it was beforehand. Excited about this as well. Overall, progress is going pretty well so far and it will probably pick up a little bit more here now that it's the week and I'm starting to really get into the projects a little bit.

I appreciate those who are reading and for those of you thinking that it's going a little slowly, there's a very long way to go from here =P. Up and up!

Time spent today: 2 hours
Time spent total: 15.5 hours
Money made today: $100
Money made total: $140
Expenses today: $0
Expenses total: $0

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