Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 16: The continuation of a good thing

So, day 16 was actually a pretty good day. I'd say I got in a good 2 and a half hours last solid work last night after I was finished with everything else I had to do for the day. I finally decided to go ahead and get myself a domain for my niche sales website. I have already written some good SEO content for the website and now I got myself a good keyworded domain name. The niche is pretty small and pretty specific but it is an excellent niche. I added another 20 really solid keyword phrases to the list of phrases that I will use to generate traffic for the website and those will (hopefully) pull in a good deal of traffic once the website is up and ranking for these terms. I have content for a good amount of the keywords now, all I need is to get the site up and running. The two different projects is kind of distracting me from the making money with focusing on one but I have limited myself to two projects at a time so it will not get any worse than it is already.

I am starting to see some better traffic coming to my ebookforfree website and I'm getting clicks but not too many downloads but really not enough traffic yet to determine whether or not I want to change the way things are set up. My goal for this weekend is to start trying to push some more serious traffic to the site to see how it performs when it is getting real amounts of traffic thrown at it.

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