Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 3

I am disappointed with my progress today. Mostly disappointed in myself that I did not do more but today was just a weak day. The weather is terrible, I spent too much time reading tech crunch (which has made me feel shitty myself since I want to own a large multi-million dollar company ) and I spent too much time playing poker. I did win some decent money at the table but that doesn't count towards my IM. I wrote a bit more content that I'm trying to sell but still no luck in that department for startup cash. DP sucks for many reasons; people don't want to pay for quality content, you can't bump your threads, and the majority of the people are developmentally challenged.

I did do some decent research today, though. I did some keyword research for for content that I plan to write and I wrote up layouts for the first two promotional videos that I am going to post on Youtube. I also signed up for a couple web2.0 for the specific purpose of promoting this website. This is always the worst part of a project; however, because I have done all the setup, have the research done, and all that needs to be done moving forward is driving traffic and making money. This is the point where all the doom and gloom scenarios start blooming in my mind and it makes me not want to push through and continue with the project. I have been successful on a few projects but there are many others that I have dropped because I didn't feel confident that it was going to work.

It is ironic because it is actually impossible for things to not work in IM. It doesn't matter how terrible your site is, how awful your copy is, how useless what you're trying to sell is, if you drive enough traffic you can and will make money. I should probably modify that statement and say it is impossible to not generate revenue because you can lose money if you have poorly optimized advertising.

Every day can't be a banner day but I could have should have done more today. The good news is is that tomorrow is another day and I can make up for what I didn't do today. Additionally, this is not a sprint but a 6 month marathon so one lackluster day will not make or break it in the end. With that said, I cannot make a habit out of not doing a lot.

I appreciate all the support from those of you reading both here on my blog and at BHW and your encouragement is appreciated.

Time spent today: 2 hours
Time spent total: 8 hours
Money made today: $0
Money made total: $0
Expenses today: $0
Expenses total: $0

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