Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 51: decision

I've decided to stop this. It was originally designed to be both fun and helpful for me and perhaps interesting to readers. With that said, it has become long, tedious and a huge pain in the ass for me and there's no interest from others so it basic amounts to me shouting to myself every day. Not to mention, with so much already going on it makes it hard to put in a lot of time every day and when I do not put in a lot of time and don't get a lot of work done, instead of feeling good about what does get done, I feel really guilty about not having done enough and not being able to post an interesting post.

That does not mean that I will be stopping the whole thing with the goal of the whole challenge, I still am going to do it but rather, I will post slightly less frequently and when I can make sure that I have something interesting to say. This has been, for a while now, pretty boring and it sucks for me and sucks for everyone else.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 50: Change once more!

Ahhh, the continuing fun of this ever increasingly boring and lame blog. At first, I felt excited and motivated and it felt like it would really be something fun and exciting and informative. As it has been going, however, it has become increasingly apparent that it is actually getting further and further from that. I am thinking that I might want to return to the original format which at least kept things easy and so I knew exactly what I had to put in every post and kept things rolling well. The ambiguity and lameness of the majority of the posts since has been really quite unfortunate and partly because of the change in format. I think, for the next month I am going to go ahead and stick with the original format and see if that can reinvigorate this blog which I was actually thinking about stopping doing today. So, starting tomorrow, look for something much less lame and much more informative.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 49: outsourceness and illness

Well, tonight has been amazing. It has come about that I am now violently ill and have barely been able to sit down at my computer without having to run back to the bathroom to vomit profusely. Between bouts of losing all interest in food and the food I may have had, I did manage to go ahead and find someone to go over and fix my javascript for 75 bucks. In my opinion, it will be worth every penny provided the guy actually does what I am asking him to do. We will see if that is the case.

I also went ahead and started on my new keyword with another page on hubpages but that has been tough to write considering I can't really just sit down and write but it is just about finished.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 48: Back to business

So, it's back to business. Ranting ended yesterday and business started again. In addition, I got myself some magical little lovelies that help with motivation and focus (here's looking at you e 401!) So, I decided to finish up with keyword number 1 yesterday and blasted out another round of SENuke in addition to getting my accounts made. SENuke is the magic that makes the world go 'round, or in this case, what helps to build rankings quickly and easily.

Also, I did some more quick cash work and made another 60 bucks because I was really into working last night. Also, I finished two more pages for my hosting website and now the only thing that is really missing with those is the Javascript and I will probably end up paying someone 100 bucks or something to go ahead and make it so my javascript actually works. It is not worth my effort to spend countless hours struggling with it when I can pay someone some cash and just make sure that it gets done.

Getting things done, that is the key to this and everything else and with 48 days behind me, I need to start getting more things done if this is going to end up being big money. I am also starting to see some traffic trickle in from my first keyword phrase and some rankings in the google so that is good news.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 47: Frustrated and tired

Sometimes it gets very frustrating and tiring to keep going with things and yesterday and today is one of those days. I did get some stuff done yesterday but really not enough. It is difficult to work so much during the week and I have not been doing as much as I could be. Obviously, theoretically I could work every waking hour of my life but that is a lot easier said than done. It is also hard to focus on some of these things when I want to be doing bigger things.

Intellectually, things are really easy and I have no problem solving problems and building plans but the reality of doing them is much less glamorous than it is when I build it out in my head. The ~100 keywords for this niche website are amazing, and will result in a great deal of traffic if I rank #1 for all of them and that is not something that is unrealistic, but it does require a lot of work on my part.

Once I solve "the problem" a great deal of my motivation just disappears. In fact, I'm not even that motivated over all in my other business ventures and they are not doing nearly as well as they could be if I were to apply the full force of my intellect with a great deal of effort. I do just fine but just fine isn't fine when it could be fucking outstanding if I had more motivation, haha.

The fact that even after 47 days I'm still posting is kind of a miracle and the fact that that is true is a depressing commentary on the state of my motivation. GG

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 46: Refilling my capital reserves

So, I took on a couple quick-pay projects yesterday which would take most of my time. As you all know - the three of you that read this - I write pretty well and it is the quickest way to get money from other people into my paypal and that is exactly what I did yesterday. I made a quick $150 writing some content which not only covers my SENuke cost but I still have a few hundred "in the bank" as it were for spending on whatever I plan to.

In addition to writing the content, I nuked one of my pages for my new niche website and I put a little bit more time into my other two niche sites. I really need to get my analytics working again on CEG because the fact that it is no longer working is infuriating. I'm probably going to go through and figure out why exactly my analytics is not working. Obviously it has something to do with the new WP theme that I am using since it stopped collecting data when I switched.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 45: Javascript is holding me hostage

I don't know how much time I have before javascript returns to continue to torture me. I have tried to get it to do what I want but it continues it fight me tooth and nail all the way through the process. A more sinister creature I have never seen. Everything else for my website is more or less complete but unfortunately, the scripts are pretty important to the operation of the website and they continue to taunt me not doing what I tell them to do. Obviously, this is a problem on my end but still... CURSE YOU JAVASCRIPT!

Now that I have vented about JS a little bit, I can talk about the other progress which is happening. I need to go back and fix my hubpages pages and add some more content to my squidoo pages because I read them and they feel a bit short. That is fine for pages that are in the third tier as those are mostly for backlinks but for pages that I actually want to be ranking well, it is unacceptable. You can never tell what something is going to look like and read like until you go and see how it looks.

I'm getting some traffic which is great, and some clicks which is also great, but as of yet, no sales (for my niche site) For my other nice website on electric guitars, I changed the wordpress theme and now my analytics is no longer working so I'm really pissed about that. I've been trying to figure out what the issue is but so far I have not been able to determine what it is.