Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 21: promotion, promotion, PRO-motion

I have decided to start calling promotion PRO-motion. Professional motion. AKA taking high quality action to get the message out there. Perhaps it is a little bit lame but I like it. The simple fact of the matter is that writing quality content and getting it set up in a way that is user friendly is the hard part and I have forgotten that. Promotion is easy and pretty painless to be honest so I have been focusing on getting promotion going for my pet project and it has been going well. At the moment there are about 6 different keyword phrases that, when I rank #1 in google for them, will generate close to 500 hits/day based on conservative traffic data assumptions. That isn't too shabby and assuming a 1% conversion rate (these are good buyer keywords) the site should be generating a minimum of $25/day which would be from organic only and only those phrases. Obviously, ranking for some phrases you also get a bunch of other KW phrases that you rank for in addition to the base phrases so ranking for these keywords could result in an even more traffic and money. This is also not including all of the other phrases that I have done research on but have not built content for so there is a lot of potential on this niche website. There is also immense room to grow and the website could actually move into an e-commerce site going forward if it gets a lot of traffic. So I'm still planning on doing promotion for this website today but I am also planning on going back to my ebook website because that is now generating about $0.75/day with very little promotion and traffic so I think that could be some big money going forward.

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