Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 5

Today was a great day and the first real money that's been pulled in by this little venture. I am promoting - among other things - my web hosting company. I managed to get a nice sale through the website today which I won't count for the full value of the client but 40 bucks which seems like a pretty standard affiliate payout for hosting referrals.

In addition to that, I had to do a little cleaning up of the website. I had forgotten to put in metadata for a lot of the pages so I had to go back and add this to a large number of pages. I am also thinking about doing another project so that I have two different things going on at the same time and I do not have to rely on just one.

I figure that this six month challenge can be used to work on a lot of the projects that I have sidelined over the years because I never felt like doing them. Most of them have been pretty good ideas that I never got off the ground and now I have a good reason to see what they're worth.

A short post today but sweet nonetheless.

Time spent today: 2 hours
Time spent total: 13.5 hours
Money made today: $40
Money made total: $40
Expenses today: $0
Expenses total: $0

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