Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 19: An itch scratched

As I said earlier, I had an itch to work on a project that I have basically left completely alone for months. I revisited it briefly the other day because I took a look at it and it was getting decent SEO traffic and the website was lacking a lot to really bring it up to where it should be. It has, so far, only made like 10 dollars over a bunch of months but it was extremely lacking in the visual department and also required a bit of navigation to get to what the primary keyword were looking to find. I've changed it up a bit and used a nicer wordpress style plus I'm fine tuning the SEO on the site. While throwing another site into the rotation was exactly what I didn't want to do, I don't think a few days or even of a week of tweaking this a little bit is a bad thing.

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