Thursday, March 18, 2010

Captain's Log: Day 9

A very sad day indeed. I really got my ass swamped with nonsense today between having a bunch of stuff to do with other IM based activities - web hosting - and the fact that Paypal has decided it's time to give me another go with limiting my account,I didn't really get much of anything done on this project and for that I am disappointed. With that said, however, I am currently doing a schedule flip (I've been sleeping too late so in order to remedy that, I stay up through and don't sleep until the next night) so I intend to get a good 7 or 8 hours in through tonight and into tomorrow... or into the rest of the day.

I did give another listen to the video and I must say that I will never volunteer to be a voice actor because my voice is pretty weak. I fear these posts have begun to ebb in terms of how interesting or detail-oriented they are and I'm going to try and change that to set a goals-for-the-day-to-come sort of theme and then go over what was and wasn't accomplished, how I feel about it, and why. It will take this off of the "hobby" track it seems to have drifted toward and back to the "serious side project" it was intended to be.

I am also going to abandon the current progress model as it isn't really indicative of progress and what was accomplished and continuing goals is a lot more indicative of progress especially during early stages.

Goals for the morrow:

20 pages of content for the current main site.

Three web 2.0 optimized web pages.

50 decent backlinks.

Let's see how this goes =)


  1. As far you are doing great. Keep it up! ;)
    You inspired me and I am building site about working at home. I have some SEO skills but this niche seems to be very competitive.
    How are you getting backlinks?

  2. It is very competitive but there are keywords that you can use that aren't as competitive. Between web2.0 and some decent dofollow blog comments, that will probably make up a large part of the links... at least initially.