Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Six Month Six Figure Challenge

As a challenge to myself and - to a lesser extent - the world, I have created the six month six figure challenge. The goal is simple; to be making $273.98 every single day six months from this date. In order for this challenge to be successful, there need to be some ground rules in place before the start. So without further ado, I am going to layout the ground rules of the challenge.

The Rules:

1. All $273.98 must be gross profit and not revenue.

2. In order for the win to count, I must maintain $273.98/day averaged over the course of seven consecutive days.

3. The money must be made at the computer through Internet Marketing.

4. The only things that I can start with are hosting, any domains I may currently have, and tools available on my computer or that I can download for free.

5. No money on the challenge except money made from the challenge.

6. A new post must be made every day by 12:00PM the day after or the challenge is null barring extreme extenuating circumstances.

7. All profit and expenses must be documented.

8. Exact details such as keywords, niches, and specific strategies do not have to be shared but some details can and must be provided.

9. The start date of the challenge is 3/10/10 with an ending date of 9/10/10.

10. Enjoy the ride.

With all the rules of the game laid out and the details of victory in place, I commit to winning the game and encourage any and all readers to comment and participate if they so desire. Best of luck to those who participate and I hope everyone who reads enjoys it.


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