Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 14: the slog continues

I really have been neglecting this the past 5 days or so of the challenge but I am having trouble finding too much time to work on it. I've been working on a major SEO project for a relatively large business here in NY and after 8-9 hours of working on that, I didn't want to do any more SEO. As such, I decided to make some content since it felt much more enjoyable to me at the time... so I did. I am writing a step-by-step course that I can use as part of an e-mail marketing campaign. Sure, videos are great but sometimes it's nice to be able to read something.

Anyway, lesson 1 is basically an introduction to the world of internet marketing and I talk about what IMers do, how they do it, and all the many different ways to make money. In lesson 2, I talk about how to find a niche and doing research in that regard. So far, I'm pretty happy with everything. Anyway, I don't know if people are still reading this since it has lost a little of it's excitement and flair but I plan to bring that back ASAP =)


  1. Nope. I have no intention and I'm making sure even to do a little bit every day and post here because once I don't, the game's over. I want to continue I've just been preoccupied. That's ending though so good news all around =P

  2. Hey,
    still reading. I love challenges like this one. Very inspiring. I actually set up a blog yesterday inspired by your blog.

  3. BTW, if you may allow:

    My response to your challenge. It would be great to see other people join in and follow your example. Again, thanks for your inspiration!