Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 2

So, today has been a pretty good day. I wrote a few more articles to try and get the ball rolling and get some income into this little game and they are worth ~$30 bucks. I have not sold anything from yesterday or today so I will have to wait a little longer on that. I did, however, get my website up and running that targets novice internet marketers and people who are just starting to look into getting involved in internet marketing. The website is which is a pretty simple site based around Joomla and I have monetized it with a nice content blocker (who doesn't want great IM books for free?) as well as some advertising on the side.

There is some more stuff that I want to keep adding to the site but, for now, it is full enough to get some marketing going into it. I haven't done any marketing with the website yet today but I plan on doing some serious marketing with it over the days and weeks to come. I plan to put up some original and quality videos onto youtube to promote the website, start a facebook page for it, maybe get some CL ads up, and obviously some serious article and web 2.0 marketing.

I didn't get to do any keyword research today or really any marketing but the website is in a position where I am happy to start working on driving traffic to the website. There is a lot of places that I can drive traffic from and I have some opportunities for other money through affiliate sales like hosting and other things that are required to get into the IM field.

Plans for tomorrow (later today) include doing some keyword research, posting at least 10 good articles to ezine or more article directories, and plan how I am going to set up the videos for youtube. I will probably also build the facebook fan page. I do not think it is too unreasonable that with a good amount of traffic this website could be making $100/day. Only time and traffic will tell, though.

Time spent today: 3 hours
Time spent total: 6 hours
Money made today: $0
Money made total: $0
Expenses today: $0
Expenses total: $0


  1. It is so great following you, I just dont understand how you put joomla site online, make logo, make articles and also sell articles and all that in 3 hours? It gotta be a bit longer ;)))) Cheers!

  2. Well, the majority of the articles on the website may or may not be PLR content =P. Also, Joomla is pretty easy to work with and I do write pretty fast. It might have been 4 hours, but setting up a Joomla site is pretty easy =P.