Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 4

A late start to the day but a fairly solid day nonetheless. I am extremely happy with the direction that this project is headed in and with a decent amount of work, I think this may end up being quite the little money maker. It really just needs a little bit of love which is what I intend to give to it.

I started the day off this afternoon with continuing my keyword research and finding some more goodies in that spectrum that I can work with to attempt to drive traffic to the site. After about an hour or so of doing that (you'd be surprised how hard it is to find good keywords that can easily be exploited in the IM sector) it was time for other things. I did not get home until late this evening but that did not stop me from doing some work on said keywords.

I took a bunch of the keywords and I started to do a little bum marketing. I can hear the groans but it really is a great free source of traffic and free is exactly what we're working with here at the start. I churned out 6 articles for Ezine which are really solid - I am a fairly good writer if I say so myself - and I plan to do a little magic on them tomorrow and go ship them off elsewhere. I also did a little writing for a client that I've acquired for writing - like I said, good writer - and should net me the first real cash out of this game.

Digging through one of my many IM folders on my computer today I dredged up a nice little diagram that I downloaded from BHW that has a great weighted path for networking sites so I will probably work with that tomorrow. I really do enjoy watching a network start to take shape and things starting to happen. I think I might have a lot of fun with this project.

Time spent today: 3.5 hours
Time spent total: 11.5 hours
Money made today: $0
Money made total: $0
Expenses today: $0
Expenses total: $0

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  1. Hey, nice! I cant wait for you doing the SEO part, I think that is the most interesting thing, and something I can personally learn a lot from you. Good luck in your ventures, and I hope you wont give up!