Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 20: promotion ahoy!

I have forgotten how much more enjoyable promotion can be than actually building a website. The hard work is getting things set up and ready to be promoted, the easy and fun part is doing the promotion. I spent a good deal of day 20 doing promotion for my old website that I haven't played with in a while. It is now ranked #1 in yahoo for it's main keyword phrase which sees 7k searches a month (over all search engines) I got ~150 backlinks yesterday, when and how many of them will end up being credited is debatable but they cover a bunch of different excellent keyword phrases that I have for the website. I also did some more tweaking to the website to make it more user friendly and make it more likely that people will make a purchase on the website. I actually got a message yesterday from an irate website visitor that said he was angry there wasn't a phone number he could order from on the website because he hates doing commerce on the internet. Doesn't really make sense to me but at shows that there are buyers visiting my website which is a very good thing.

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