Monday, March 22, 2010

Captain's Log: Day 12

Today was productive but not immensely so. Nevertheless, I am happy because every day that something gets done is progress. In addition to adding 20 pages to my website, I also did some more backlink building today which was nice. I also managed to make two web 2.0's today with the "free internet marketing ebook" keyword phrase which isn't too shabby. Additionally, I wrote some content for 3 different keywords of my other niche. I would love to go into detail about the niche because it is great and not very SEO'd by others because it is a very unknown ( but excellent) niche. It is a definite need niche and I'd say it has users who are as needy as people looking to lose weight.

I'm not really sure what exactly I want to do later today but I figure I will probably wing it today.

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