Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 44: is AHHH-mazing

So, I am playing with the website for my flow chart and I have to say that it is pretty awesome. It is really easy to use and keep track of things. I think it might be problematic to have a truly massive flowchart on it but, for now, it is doing the trick which is awesome.

Already, my two pages (hub and squidoo) are indexed and now I need to build some backlinks to them so that they can start to rank high in google for the terms they target. Luckily, the competition for these terms is terrible and the web 2.0's that are currently ranking for these terms are poorly written, poorly designed, not as SEO'd as my own and have zero backlinks. Basically, getting up in these terms in like shooting fish in a barrel. I have also finished what I consider to be my tier 2 websites for this keyword and now all I need to do is get a domain name and start building the central website that they will then link to. I have links out to products that they are targeted for right now and I will add links going to my main site as soon as it is finished.

I am debating whether or not I want to build something on wordpress or if I want to start from scratch and build the website with my own - albeit mediocre - design skills. I like wp because it is easy but at the same time, it does have limitations. I also started working on the custom graphics for my hosting yesterday. There are quite a few graphics that I need to make for it and it is a very time consuming process (especially for someone like me who is not what I would consider a graphic designer) but so far so good. Many of you, and my many I mean the few of you who actually read this, are probably wondering why I do EVERYTHING myself. The answer is actually pretty simple and it is that I have never had a good experience trusting anyone to do anything for me. It never works out, it costs too much money, and it is always much more trouble than it is worth. Why should I pay a few hundred dollars for something I am going to be extremely disappointed with and will probably have to spend as much time fixing as it would to make it in the first place.

Regardless, my pages for keyword #1 are already generating traffic and clicks which is exactly what I need them to do and they're not even ranking very highly yet. Good news for this project indeed.


  1. Even the little explosion thing is pretty nifty =P

  2. You may seem to have lost track and posting the flowchart here. Massive ones are manageable via flowchar maker and you can directly embed here.