Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 42: I remember again why I didn't go CMU for computer science

That reason is that I really do not enjoy programming. I have fairly extensive experience in C and Java and I can say without any hesitation that programming just is not for me. In theory, I love programming - that is being able to identify a problem and create a solution - but the reality is much less glamorous. Debugging code, small problems in functions and incompatible I/O's between functions are immensely frustrating and make me want to smash my computer to pieces. And, I am actually a fairly good programmer even though I have not done a lot of programming for the past 3 years. What brings this up today is the fact that I have been retooling my entire hosting site and doing a decent amount of work in javascript and it has reminded me of how much I do not like programming. The only saving grace is that it isn't some massive 10k line behemoth like the project that really killed programming for me - a chess game that could run over a network with a decent AI that you could play against.

I also laid out a good plan for my "G" niche and I am going to build a couple of the "good" properties today which are going to have all original and hand tailored content. I plan to have at least levels of hierarchy with the top one being my own domain, the second level being other web 2.0's with original content that can quickly rank, and then the rest of the pages are mostly well-spun content that can be used to give decent linking to the other pages. If anyone knows of a program that can be used to make a flow-chart that would be amazing.

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