Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 31: A look back at the first month

Well, I thought I would do a little something different for the view of the first month and a look toward month number 2. Month one started out well with the fleshing out of ideas that I have had but haven't really pushed before (ebooks for free) and ideas that I had started on but let fall by the wayside in my other ventures (cheap electric guitars). I got ebooks up and running and got a good amount of content up on the website with some monetization.

The site is making some money, it made about 52 dollars over the first month of the challenge which has covered it's expenses which is nice. Additionally, it is in a position to start getting some serious traffic and I have been continually building a decent SEO presence for the website and it is starting to rank for some long tail things.

CEG has benefited the most from the link building since it was already relatively established. With that said, the dance has taken me from #1 in yahoo down to #8 although this could also be because I changed the layout of the site to make it a little more visitor friendly. Regardless, sometimes you need to take small steps back while progress is going forward.

Recently, I have been redoing the front-end of my hosting site as it needed a good deal of work especially since I have been planning on sending a good deal more traffic that way and it is going to be one of the primary income sources - hopefully - from my ebooks website so I want that converting as much as possible. I also made some decent cash from doing some writing so that this game has some money in the coffers when the need to spend arises.

Going forward I want to get really big pushes going on these two projects so that they can be easier to carry on. They are one big push away from getting strong momentum and at that point they will be less work intensive and more lucrative which is a win/win. I think month 2 I am going to call my big push month where I push these websites out there and start the large scale traffic and money efforts with them.

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