Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 41: SENuke Continuing

So, I have been trying to setup a way to make my SENuke system work continuously and I have finally decided that I am going to do at least 1 article per day and nuke one article a day, every day and rotate which website that I am doing that for. Today is my niche website day and I'm in the middle of writing an article for it. Once I write the article, I will submit it to ezine and then I will nuke the alterations to all of the other websites. I did this yesterday with a CEG article again and the system should work pretty well IMO.

I figure if I can do one long-tail a day over the course of the next few months I will be able to get to rank really well for many different keywords which will give me a very good traffic boost overall. There are so many different ideas that I have kicking around in my head I just have to really hit hard with a couple of them. Thankfully, SENuke will be able to help me with that. I think I might start to visually graph out my plans and post those graphs here. I have never tried to make one of those things so I will have to figure it out as I go along but I will be able to track the growth which will probably be really helpful.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you like Senuke, I was using it myself, but then I stopped and went for Linkdozer. That software is hard to learn and slower in results but better for longer term. The conclusion is that content>everything, and I found out that the only real spinning is the one that Linkdozer has. Just word and phrase spinning isnt enough, easily detectable by Google, therefor you get less backlinks that stick. Cheers mate! Will keep coming here to see how you are doing!