Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 37: I love backlinks

Backlinks really are the greatest. With things finally starting to take hold, serp ranks for the most part are skyrocketing. Up 100 places in a couple of days is great and not that many have even been counted yet so I am looking at a lot more places of movement upward going forward. Only 100 and change have been counted so far and I have built probably around 1000 or so so that means that there is still some strong room for upward movement. I do need to start adding more deep linking to balance it out a little bit. My linking schemes have been heavily weighted toward the home page for both websites and I need to start dumping a lot more links into deeper pages so that it is a more balanced tree of links. Also, I think I need to add some more inlinking on the website. It is very helpful from an SEO standpoint and it is something that I have not spent enough time doing.

I am happy with the serp progress and I have tons of keywords that I am hoping to rank #1 for and can easily rank #1 for all of those keywords with some work. The total traffic value of a #1 ranking for all the keywords is in the neighborhood of a few thousand visitors every day which is a not-too-shabby number.

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