Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 27: A question worth answering

So, I came to the conclusion - more like finally accepted the fact - that the web design for my hosting company is total shit. Not really a surprise considering I am not really a graphic designer but it is something that bothers me greatly. So, I have decided to go ahead and change it. I am not too familiar with working with dreamweaver and the rest of the adobe web building suite of tools but if I am going to be sending tons of people to the site to sign up for hosting - and I want to - I am going to need a design that I am satisfied with and don't want to facepalm every time that I see the site.

As a major source of revenue for a lot of my potential ventures, I think it should really be brought up to speed and fleshed out to what it should be. Especially considering it will probably be the greatest source of income from ebookforfree.info . I make between 10-20/mo in perpetuity from people using my hosting which is almost certainly going to be greater than the revenue that I generate from downloads.

Another thing that I started doing last night is something that I neglected to do when first setting up ebooks and that was choosing where I want to direct my visitors and lead them where I want them to go. I always forget how stupid people are and how they need to have their hands held and told exactly where to go. Instead of encouraging independent thought, I'm going to hold little johnny's hand and help him cross the street.

I forgot to mention that my hosting website is www.taikunhosting.com As you can see, it's absolutely hideous and I have to say I'm shocked I have as many clients as I do. With the redesign I'm doing now, hopefully it will be a little more respectable going forward.

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