Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 46: Refilling my capital reserves

So, I took on a couple quick-pay projects yesterday which would take most of my time. As you all know - the three of you that read this - I write pretty well and it is the quickest way to get money from other people into my paypal and that is exactly what I did yesterday. I made a quick $150 writing some content which not only covers my SENuke cost but I still have a few hundred "in the bank" as it were for spending on whatever I plan to.

In addition to writing the content, I nuked one of my pages for my new niche website and I put a little bit more time into my other two niche sites. I really need to get my analytics working again on CEG because the fact that it is no longer working is infuriating. I'm probably going to go through and figure out why exactly my analytics is not working. Obviously it has something to do with the new WP theme that I am using since it stopped collecting data when I switched.

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