Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 50: Change once more!

Ahhh, the continuing fun of this ever increasingly boring and lame blog. At first, I felt excited and motivated and it felt like it would really be something fun and exciting and informative. As it has been going, however, it has become increasingly apparent that it is actually getting further and further from that. I am thinking that I might want to return to the original format which at least kept things easy and so I knew exactly what I had to put in every post and kept things rolling well. The ambiguity and lameness of the majority of the posts since has been really quite unfortunate and partly because of the change in format. I think, for the next month I am going to go ahead and stick with the original format and see if that can reinvigorate this blog which I was actually thinking about stopping doing today. So, starting tomorrow, look for something much less lame and much more informative.

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