Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 48: Back to business

So, it's back to business. Ranting ended yesterday and business started again. In addition, I got myself some magical little lovelies that help with motivation and focus (here's looking at you e 401!) So, I decided to finish up with keyword number 1 yesterday and blasted out another round of SENuke in addition to getting my accounts made. SENuke is the magic that makes the world go 'round, or in this case, what helps to build rankings quickly and easily.

Also, I did some more quick cash work and made another 60 bucks because I was really into working last night. Also, I finished two more pages for my hosting website and now the only thing that is really missing with those is the Javascript and I will probably end up paying someone 100 bucks or something to go ahead and make it so my javascript actually works. It is not worth my effort to spend countless hours struggling with it when I can pay someone some cash and just make sure that it gets done.

Getting things done, that is the key to this and everything else and with 48 days behind me, I need to start getting more things done if this is going to end up being big money. I am also starting to see some traffic trickle in from my first keyword phrase and some rankings in the google so that is good news.

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