Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 28: I love puppies...

I never really realized how much actually went into designing a website like the one hostgator has. It is actually a lot more difficult than I had thought. I did a decent amount of work on the design last night and I should probably be finished with that and hopefully able to launch it over the next few days. My biggest concern is that I do not have a staging area to test and see if everything is working before I throw it up on my server so maybe I should give it a go in a subfolder before I replace what I currently have with what I plan on using. On a side note, I made another 28 dollars on a content sale - I got an offer to buy more content this morning in an e-mail which I will probably do as well, and I have been getting some traffic and money from ebooks and I got another lead for another $0.80 just yesterday which is sweet. I need to take a step back though and not worry like I always do about things being absolutely perfect and just working and improving as I go. As a total perfectionist, I have great difficulty releasing things to the world when they are not quite finished. Regardless, things are going pretty well so I'm fairly happy with where things are. With that said, month one was slower and less productive than I hoped it would be - even though it isn't over - so month two I hope to remedy this.

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