Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 40: Application of SENuke and market research

So, I spent most of the day yesterday working on and playing with SENuke. I made a profile for SENuke, created all of the profile accounts (automatically) and used an article that I spun and then posted it out to get all the backlinks from it. I was pretty happy with the results of it and I was also doing some serious niche research on another project. With SENuke I do not want to bombard one site to the point where I get smacked down by google so it is wise to have a few (3 or 4) projects going at the same time so that you can spread things out across the sites.

I did my keyword research on the niche yesterday and I must say that I am EXTREMELY happy with the possibilities of the niche. I have about 100 different keywords that I should be able to rank very easily for which could, if I get it so I am ranking for all of them as #1, generate more than 6000 visitors a day. Even with a relatively conservative conversion rate of 0.25% would result in about $300 a day which would be excellent. I am probably going to start on this project today and continue to work on the other projects and spread the love around the three of them with SENuke.

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