Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 33: Yay linkbuilding!

So the plan for month 2 to really hammer the traffic is what I am going to stick to. I did some serious backlinking yesterday to both ebooks and CEG and I am finally starting to use a good deal of those profiles that I have sitting around waiting for links to be built. I still have hundreds more of the profiles but at least I am using them. In addition to profile links, I have been getting a lot of blog links too. Volume can overcome lack of quality and depending on the difference in quality of the backlinks, I would rather have 50 mediocre links than 2 or 3 good links ( unless they're something super special and amazing which is almost never the case) so I have been taking this approach to these two websites. While they will not drive traffic on their own, they are there to improve my ranking in the serps so that will get me traffic. As my links have been getting digested, my google rank has gone up over 100 places for a major search term which is excellent. My yahoo results are starting to turn around and head back in the right direction as well which is also excellent.


  1. What tools do you use for link building? I am reading you every day, I really hope you succeed in your adventures!

  2. Haha, I'm happy that someone is still reading at least. I do most of my link building by hand because I really like to avoid being spammy. I have a list of public, do-follow profile websites that I compiled and in january I outsourced making accounts on the websites but I had yet to do anything with them so I am using those now to get some links. I also do a basic blog search for websites that use things like keywordluv and commentluv for good anchor texted links.