Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 38: Late... but I for good reason

So, I realize that I have let this slip past my agreed upon deadline but I do believe the circumstances allow it. For the past 5 or so hours I have been playing with and learning SENuke. What a tool! I figured that it would be worth it to dedicate some of the money I have made to make my life easier and making this process more efficient and that if it saved me one hour per day in work that it would be more than worth the cost... it seems like it will be. Obviously, this piece of programming is quite a work and it takes some getting familiarized with even for someone like me. I have been so engrossed with it for the past the past number of hours that I have totally lost all track of time until I glanced at the clock a short while ago and realized what has happened.

Regardless, I don't regret getting the software and the fact that I am thoroughly engrossed is a very good sign indeed. As such, I am going to keep this brief since I want to get back to it!

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