Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 43: Nearing the completion of programming, keyword #1 deployed

A few things have been kind of messy over the past few days. 1, adscend media has been having some serious issues as a result of a DDoS attack so my ebook website has been having issues as well. That seems to have been resolved so that is good. Another thing is that I have been finally redoing my hosting website which is going to be a major source of revenue for ebook and is a planned major source of revenue for my business in general and having a user friendly, attractive, and quality site is imperative to that end. As such, I have been applying my programming and web design skills to that task and things have been going...well. Well in the sense that it is progressing quickly (I have 4 pages of the website near completion and I have finished with 2 javscript files) but it has not been enjoyable or without it's fair share of moaning and groaning on my part.

Additionally, I set up a hubpage and a squidoo page last night with unique content on my first keyword phrase for my niche website that I am going to be working with on SENuke. I did not notice the the flow-chart comment on my post until today - thanks Matej - so I will probably work on playing with that today and posting it tomorrow. I am going to add another property to tier 2 today, probably ezine, and then I am going to work on the nuke portion today as well which will be tier 2. How many tiers I will go to I'm not really sure but it will be at least 3 (including my own .com domain at the top) which should provide excellent rankings for these phrases.

Once again, I want to thank the few of you that are still reading and I have to say that I am happy I am still posting these things. They probably seem pretty boring most of the time and I hadn't really realized how much frontloaded work I'd be doing - I could be doing less but I try to get things fairly perfect at the start - so thanks for reading/commenting and sticking with me!

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  1. I like to read your posts, it take 3 minutes every day and I always learn something new. So I hope you will keep doing it!