Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 51: decision

I've decided to stop this. It was originally designed to be both fun and helpful for me and perhaps interesting to readers. With that said, it has become long, tedious and a huge pain in the ass for me and there's no interest from others so it basic amounts to me shouting to myself every day. Not to mention, with so much already going on it makes it hard to put in a lot of time every day and when I do not put in a lot of time and don't get a lot of work done, instead of feeling good about what does get done, I feel really guilty about not having done enough and not being able to post an interesting post.

That does not mean that I will be stopping the whole thing with the goal of the whole challenge, I still am going to do it but rather, I will post slightly less frequently and when I can make sure that I have something interesting to say. This has been, for a while now, pretty boring and it sucks for me and sucks for everyone else.


  1. Sorry to read that. I'm really interested in what you have to post, even if you think its lame or boring.

    If anything, I was reading this blog as a reminder to myself that there is at least one motivated person out there doing what he intends to do.

    But if this blog is stopping you from achieving your goals, then of course stop blogging.

    I enjoyed what I read. Take care. Goodluck.


  2. Thanks for the kind words. Like I said, I am going to keep posting but probably not as often, maybe twice a week or something like that. I feel bad about stopping but I'm just not really sure. I hated posting a distinct lack of stuff but knowing that I'm letting someone down... sad times =(. Maybe I'll have to change that.