Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 26: I'm out of things to say here

Not here on the blog but here in the title portion of the post. Maybe that is not entirely true but I couldn't think up anything for yesterday so I'm going with it.

The overall plan yesterday was pretty simple and it was to try and improve the ranking of my ebook site. Also, I did a good deal of looking into whether or not I want to get SENuke or not. It is probably something that is definitely worth the money, especially if I want to cut out a lot of the busy work that I hate without having to spend a fortune doing it through outsourcing. It will make my job easier and less boring because no amount of weed in the world will make doing the painfully tedious busy work fun. With that said, I do not expect it to completely remove the tedium but it should make it significantly less. I did outsource a ton of dofollow forum profiles a while ago - I know I mentioned it here before - and since I haven't used them for anything yet I decided to start using it for this project. Some of them were inactive or not working which isn't really a surprise considering it has been at least 2 months since I bought them. With that said, I worked through about 50 of them yesterday. They actually take more time than I thought that they would to link them together, get all the anchor text for each, etc. It was surprisingly slow and painful work. Now I just need to get the pages crawled but that is the easy part. I'll probably give the full version of SENuke a try here for the 7 days and see how I like it. It just seems like it is designed for me since it lets me use my mind run free which is actually what it needs to do.

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